Settings to check For using Selfie stick with Android phone
Trying your new selfie stick with your Android Phone but it doesn't work with your phone? Just in case, if you are not able to use selfie stick with Android phone, here are a few settings you should check on your phone's camera app. I am blogging this post because someone posted on my previous blog post that he is not able to use selfie stick on his Android Redmi Phone. So, here are the settings to check and if it still does not work, an alternative app to try.
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Unable to use selfie stick with Android phone? Settings to check.

If you have been editing background music of your videos uploaded on YouTube using YouTube's audio edit tool, you may have observed that YouTube does not preserve the original audio even if you do "favor original audio". So the background audio that is added entirely overshadows the original audio.
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How to add audio tracks to YouTube Videos and backgound music issue.