Free Responsive Mobile Menu Plugin For WordPress

WordPress Plugin for responsive menu
With the increasing use of mobile phones, there is a lot of importance now on responsive web design. In the recent years, there is a lot of emphasis on responsive web design, so that the experience on mobile devices is smooth and user friendly. Keeping that in mind, it is better to have a responsive menu for mobile users instead of the default menu layout even for our WordPress sites. Luckily, there are responsive menu plugins out there for WordPress! There may be a lot out there, but in this post, we'll see one particular WordPress plugin that will enable responsive menu for mobile devices for a WordPress website.

While some WordPress themes takes care of responsive menu in their template design itself, most themes may not. For this example, I am using one of the default WordPress themes - Twenty Eleven. We will see how the WordPress menu looks like on mobile and how the menu is neatly displayed responsively after installing the plugin.
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