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If you manage Osclass website and are looking for free and useful plugins, then check out "Success Publish Box Free Plugin" by Osclass Point. By default, Osclass displays a simple flash message notifying that listing has been published successfully. If you want to spice up a bit, then "Success Publish Box Free Plugin" is a great plugin for that purpose. It not only displayed a nice looking popup but it also includes social media share buttons, so ad publisher can share or promote the listing right after posting the ad.
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Useful Free Osclass Plugins - Popup Success Publish Box and Share Free Plugin

Free Osclass Plugin Facebook Login

Nowadays, many people are using Social Media, be it Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. Therefore, using Social Login simplifies the registration process in just a few clicks instead of letting user's type in to a user registration form with their details. Among the many social networks out there, Facebook is one of the most popular one. In this post, we shall see how to login users to Osclass websites using Facebook.
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Free Social Login Plugin for Osclass - Facebook Login for Osclass websites


Google Chrome is one of the most used web browser. Google Chrome is usually always included on new Android phones as well. In addition, most Android manufacturer also includes their own stock web browsers on Android phones. On Android phone, usually the links clicked are opened in a web browser. If you prefer a particular browser, and it is currently not set as the default browser, then we'll see how to change the default web browser in Android Phone including Mi Redmi Phones.
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How to change the default web browser in Android Phone including Mi Redmi Phone?

How to resolve Microsoft Outlook stuck on 'Loading Profile'

Sometimes, when starting Microsoft Outlook, it would get stuck on 'Loading Profile' and it will never load or will take a long time to load. In this post, we shall see how to resolve Microsoft Outlook stuck on 'Loading Profile'.
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How to resolve Microsoft Outlook stuck on 'Loading Profile'?


Are you looking for ways to extend Wi-Fi range? We can extend Wi-Fi using wireless repeaters or wireless extenders easily as they have built in Wi-Fi repeater features. Using such routers we can easily extend Wi-Fi range at home or office. Besides wireless routers with repeater or extender features, one can also buy dedicated Wi-Fi repeaters and extend Wi-Fi network. They are usually cheaper than Wi-Fi routers. If you have such routers, then refer to the previous post, how to extend Wi-Fi using two Netgear Wi-Fi routers with Wi-Fi repeater features.

However, if the routers you have do not have Wi-Fi repeater / access point features built-in, then we can still extend Wi-Fi range using those routers. In this post, we shall see how to extend Wi-Fi range using two routers without Wi-Fi repeater features inbuilt.
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How to extend Wi-Fi range using two Wi-Fi routers?