[Automotive] Man hid 2001 Acura Integra Type R behind secret barn wall

There's no telling what lengths that person might go to to protect the valuable commodity. In the case of collector cars, some might take out extra insurance, some might store it away in climate-controlled facilities, and others, such as the man in this story, build a secret storage room behind a false wall in a barn. The stowed 2001 Acura Integra Type R even had posters to look at.

Featured by BarnFinds.com, this Type R is for sale in Canada via eBay for C $39,999.99, or about $30,000. It's not one of the baby-fresh untouched examples that have worked their way onto auction stages recently, but it has an extremely unique past.

As seen in the photos, this Type R was stored in its own room behind a particle board wall in a barn. The room had its own lighting, posters on the wall, and the owner also used an additional fabric cover over Championship White exterior. It has 82,000 miles on it, and a few scratches and dings on the car prove it's spent some time in the wild.

The seller says it's "all original paint except maybe for the front bumper." But it's an original car with a clean title and red seats (the seller claims Acura sold only 250 examples with red seats in Canada). According to Fox News, interested buyers have offered up to $7,500 just for the seats, but the owner refused to part it out.

Bid on the entire car at eBay.


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